Film productions

Alfanar Film productions For Alfanar, we take on the documentary support of the construction work of five wind farms in Spain. The focus of the first project was on the work on the foundation, the transport of the components and the construction of the substation. In addition to spectacular drone recordings, various handheld, tripod and…

Hitachi Zosen
Virtual Tour BioMethan

Hitachi Zosen Virtual Tour BioMethan A virtual tour through the HZI BioMethan offices, preproduction and assembly hall, ready to be experienced with any desktop computer, mobile phone or VR-gear. The walk-through includes numerous info-points that are giving insights in the companies facility, processes and solutions.

New Business field – Virtual Tours

In the last year we have dealt extensively with the virtual recording of physical realities. It quickly became clear that the equipment used and the technology behind it had many other areas of application. For the marketing of real estate, walk-throughs in office- and production buildings, the documentation of construction sites and reference projects through to virtual visits to shops, exhibitions and museums.

Poject- and Filemanagement System

PRIME Project- and Filemanagement System With over 60 member companies distributed around the world, developing technology standards is not always easy. In addition to different requirements and demands, the organizational and administrative handling should not be underestimated. Together with PRIME, we have developed a tailor-made project and document management system that maps the alliance processes…