Event architecture on 200sqm

Our largest exhibition stand so far, which was planned and implemented in close cooperation with the customer PPC and the exhibition stand builder. Various zones such as reception, gastronomy, product information and meet & greet can be found on the almost 200 square meters, which have been coordinated with each other through optimally planned walking routes. A great highlight for us at E-World 2023 in Essen.

Safety first

Over the past few weeks we have been working with ABN by Schneider Electric to shoot a safety film using drone, tripod and handheld footage. For us it was the last project that was implemented with our 4K equipment. The new 8K technology with 4-axis stabilizer and radio converted transmission solution is an investment that will cover future requirements and will optimize our production process in the next project.

Hamburg Water
Media Production

Hamburg Water Film production + virtual Biogas plant During two days we recorded on the Hamburg Water site from the air, with hand-held cameras and interview sequences. This resulted in an exciting reference film on energy production from biogas for over 10,000 households in the Hamburg area. In addition, we have documented the plant photographically…